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Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks: Game Recap

The Wild got beat by the Ducks, as was expected.

Jeff Gross

Minnesota Wild 2 - 3 Anaheim Ducks

For Anaheim perspective, please visit Anaheim Calling.

The Wild are not very good on the road. Admit it, they aren't. The fact that they faced a red hot Ducks team didn't help, but so many of the mistakes made by the Wild tonight were rookie level, and come from not moving their feet. The Ducks first two goals showed that the Wild just did not care enough that the game had started and that they simply had no answer for the Ducks speed nor skill.

The first Ducks goal was the stuff of nightmares for a head coach, as every member of the Wild stood and watched as the Ducks passed the pucks until Ryan Getzlaf simply tapped it into a wide open net. The second, they gave Teemu Selanne way too much room to work, and allowed him to do what he pleased. Allowing either of these situations is embarrassing. To allow both... in one period... just shows apathy on behalf of the Wild.

In the second, the Wild would get what the TV crew would call "chances," but were actually more closely related to possessing the puck near the opposing goal. The Ducks, however, would add a third goal after a puck deflected off of Ryan Suter's skate and no one bothered to tell Darcy Kuemper where the puck was so he could freeze it. Instead, the Ducks crash the net, and knock the puck in for the third of the game.

In the third, the Wild actually decided to play some hockey, and *gasp* shoot the puck. Kyle Broziak broke the shutout with a ripper off the post, and Devin Setoguchi would score one fo the most Minnesota Wild of goals in the history of the team. Setoguchi made a weak zone entry, barely avoided a check, slowly skated along the blue line, turned and fired what looked like a weak shot, but it would find its way past Hiller.

The Wild would put together a solid third period, and made it a game at the end, even yanking Kuemper while on the power play, but the comeback was not to be. Too much standing around early, and it cost them two points.

The Wild are back in action against the Accountants on Sunday.

Three Stars of the Game

1. Jonas Hiller (1GA)
2. Ryan Getzlaf (1G)
3. Teemu Selanne (#TeemuForever)

Five Questions

  1. Four goals in one game. More, yes? Total, and not in a good way.
  2. We want a goal from Brodin or Suter. Who's it going to be? Good one, Reynolds.
  3. It's time for someone else to step into the game. Who? HA! Yeah. Sure.
  4. Would be nice to see the kids get more involved. Goals from Coyle, Zucker or Granlund tonight? Nope. Again.
  5. Kuemper? Good, bad, or ugly? Decent. Zero team support tonight.