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Minnesota Wild vs Anaheim Ducks: Game 25

The Wild and Ducks. Good times.

Jeff Gross

The Minnesota Wild are at the end of a stretch of games that the Hockey Wilderness community has deemed is a signal of where this team is at. The team fell flat against the Hawks, played well enough to win in Nashville to get their confidence back, and destroyed the Canucks. They are now riding a high, right in to the waiting embrace of the Anaheim Ducks.

You remember them. They're the team that routed the Wild just recently and had everyone calling for Mike Yeo's head.

The Ducks are still red hot, but this time, the Wild are also playing well, which could, if done right, lead to a decent game. If done wrong, it will result in the Wild being blown out again, and the Ducks going home with another easy two points. They keys to winning haven't changed. They need to play the way they played the Canucks. Basically, they need to play like a first place team or get beat.

It really is just that blunt. Play like the team you say you are, or get beat by the teams that really are what you think you are.

The Wild have sent Mikael Granlund to Houston to get some minutes. No one has been recalled in his stead. The team will skate the same lineup that beat the Preds and Nucks, and hope it is enough to take another two points and finish hell week 3-1.

Good luck, boys. You're going to need it.