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Minnesota Wild Sign Brett Clark, Solve World Hunger

The Wild have signed a veteran d-man who will, no doubt, save the world.

Eliot J. Schechter

In the NHL, there are varying degrees of urgency. A goalie out of position needs to scramble to make a save, a up and coming player is injured with a dirty hit to the head and a GM has to scramble to find a suitable replacement, a coach makes line changes in game, or a team needs to shore up their blue line for fear of falling prey to elite NHL teams.

Today, Russo reports that Chuck Fletcher has signed veteran d-man Brett Clark to solve that last issue. Whether or not he is the answer (he's not) is not yet known, but this signing does teach a valuable lesson. It's all about which hand you shoot with. Choose wisely, for your career may depend on it.

There has been tons of talk about which hand players shoot with this season. Jason Zucker was not used on the power play because he shoots with the wrong hand. Russo says Falk and Stoner do not shoot with the correct hand to be comfortable in the role Clark will likely fill.

Who knew?

Regardless, welcome Brett Clark to the Minnesota Wild. We can only imagine the Nobel Prize is on its way.



The Pendulum Backbreaker will be helpful on the ice. Wait...

Net Ripping Shot? Check

This seems to be the extent of what Brett Clark has accomplished in his career.