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Corey Perry Suspended Four Games

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Anaheim's Corey Perry will sit for four games for being a dirty player.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL's Department of Player Safety Jokes has suspended Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry for four games for his hit on Jason Zucker in last night's game. While the defenses coming from specific Ducks fans have been creative, the fact remains that this was a disgustingly dirty hit, and was completely avoidable.

This hit was everything that is wrong with the NHL game right now, showing a complete disrespect for his fellow player, and luckily (so far) does not look like Zucker will miss too much time. The fact of the matter is, this hit could have ended Zucker's career, and there is absolutely no need for that at any point in any NHL game. Ever.

I am a big fan of big hits, so long as they are clean. This wasn't, and Perry got suspended for it. Four games will be enough for some, too much for others, but it is clear that it very likely will not remove this type of hit from the game.

If these types of hits are going to be considered "part of the game," then I want nothing to do with being a fan of the sport. At no point is it necessary to lay a hit that could end a career or potentially end a life. It's still just a game, even if it is for millions of dollars. No one going to work can justify ending another person's career just to win, and that translates to hockey.

Play with respect for your opponent, be an adult, and control your emotions. Fail to do so, and expect to sit for a few games.

Learn the lesson, Mr. Perry. Your reputation is now cemented as a dirty player. Maybe it is time to take steps to change that.

Here is the video from the league, which serves mostly to announce that Rob Blake has not read the pronunciation guide.