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Minnesota Wild Make Blockbuster Trade With Capitals

GM Chuck Fletcher continues to improve his organization through savvy trades.

Hannah Foslien

The Minnesota Wild have secured a conditional seventh round pick in the 2014 draft from the Washington Capitals in exchange for Houston Aeros defenseman Chay Genoway. This, per Russo's Twitter account. The "condition" has not been reported as of this writing, but one would guess it has to do with if Genoway plays a certain number of NHL games or some such.

This trade means absolutely nothing to the big club, save for that it clears another contract from the books, putting the Wild back 48. If there is some sort of other value here, it is escaping me, so let us know in the comments. Otherwise, it just looks like some house cleaning by Chuck Fletcher to rid the organization of contracts that are highly unlikely to ever find their way to the NHL and give them room to maneuver with prospects, free agents, and trades.

If you had any reaction to this trade other than, "meh, pass the peanuts," you may want to check your emotional control levels.

Back to work everyone.