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Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche: Game 27

The Wild head to Denver for the back end of a home & home.

Let's avoid this tonight.
Let's avoid this tonight.

The Minnesota Wild are starting to catch the eye of the biggest names in the game. After Thursday's defeat of these same Avalanche, Ryan Suter started getting Norris Trophy talk, and Jonas Brodin is seriously being considered a Calder candidate. This all, of course, relies on the Wild not turning back into the Wild and losing all of the ground they gained to this point.

Just over the midway point, and the Wild are in serious playoff contention, challenging Vancouver nightly for the Northwest. Enjoy it, Wilderness.

Tonight should be an interesting game. With the dominance the Wild showed on Thursday, the Avs are going to be looking for revenge in their own house, and if they don't get it on the scoreboard, they could look for it on the ice. If the Wild can avoid buying into that game, and simply play the way they did on Thursday, this one is in the bag. IF they play down to the Avs, it will be ugly.

Short version: same story, different day.

We've got an early one today. 2PM start. Plenty of time to watch and then get to the X for the Swarm. Enjoy.