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Minnesota Wild @ Vancouver Canucks: Game 28

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Wild take on Vancouver for their last division meeting

Lets see lots of this tonight
Lets see lots of this tonight
Hannah Foslien

Game night.

Tonight at 9pm CST, the final division game between the Wild and the Canucks will began in Vancouver. Whoever wins will be in 3rd place in the Western conference/1st place in the Northwest division. The Wild can add a few points to their lead, and Vancouver could slide even further down the standings.

Confidence is pretty high for a wild fans right now, but try and keep your head on straight. While the team has won it's last two games (and scored a lot of goals in the process), those games were against the team sitting in last place in the conference. Let's be clear; Vandouver can never be counted out. They'll come back and bite you in the butt as soon as you turn your head and say "that was easy, who's next?"

Tonight should be a good match up. While Vancouver is sliding down in the standings, they are still a good team. And it's perfectly clear to anyone who's watched the last few games that the Wild and the Canucks really don't like each other. Burrows took a few liberties with Clutterbuck at the end of the last meeting with these two teams, and he tried to push Mikkos buttons and get him to fight as well. Look for lots a scrums, lots of hits, and lots of action. See you back here tonight Wilderness (game thread will be up at 5:30).