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Wild @ Canucks: Game 28 Recap 1st in the NW edition

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awwwwwwwww yeah

Rich Lam

First in the NW. 3rd in the West. No more tie breakers. It is allllll the Wilds. First time winning in Vancouver since 2009.

Huge game from the rookies. Jonas Brodin get's his second of the year. Charlie Coyle nets another goal off of a beautiful attempt from Clayton Stoner. Matt Cullen and Devin Setoguchi combine to absolutely outwit the Nucks defense. Niklas Backstrom owned the net.

If you want to know more, ask in the comments. I'm off to celly like a felon.

Five Questions:

  1. Zucker on the 4th line for Rupp who's injured. How bad does this look? Not really that bad. Not the best, but it worked
  2. Backstrom was very flighty and didn't look very good until the end of the Avs game. Is he settled down at all tonight? Oh heck yeah. That will teach me to question the Backstrom
  3. Two games in a row that the Wild score 5 or more goals. Can they make it three? Oh did they ever. FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE
  4. Does Burros keep his trap shut tonight? Pretty quite tonight, luckily
  5. The Wild players really dislike the Nucks. How many penalty minutes are racked up in the game tonight? I didn't keep track cause I fail at life. But there weren't 5 guys in the penalty box at any point :)