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Wild @ Red Wings: Game 29 and the 4 game winning streak

4-2 is the final score

Tom Szczerbowski

What a wonderful evening for the Wilderness tonight. 4-2 Win at the Joe, first regulation win in over 13 games. Devin Setoguchi with 2 goals, Kaptain and daddy-to-be Mikko Koivu with a goal, and Kyle Brodizak all scored for the Wild. Gustav Nyquist and Drew Miller scored for the Wings.

Wild are kicking ass and taking names right now. Zenon Konopka said in a pre-game interview saying that the team was expecting to win. At some point, Wild fans are going to stop fearing that this is some very long dream and realize that this team is the real deal. They are battling every night, guys are playing well together, and maybe, just maybe, the drought of no playoff appearances is actually over (for now).

The best part of the night was all the national attention that Jonas Brodin was getting. At one point, Konopka leaned over to Pierre McGuire and started talking about how Brodin deserves to be nominated for the Calder. With a few more nationally televised games, our boy could maybe have a legit shot at being nominated. But I think I speak for everyone here when I say, I don't care about the nomination. We all know how good Brodin is, and that's all that matters.

For some basic stats, this is the 4th game in a row that the Wild have won. While the Wild only had 19 shots (the Wings had 38), they potted the most and that's all that matters. Ryan Suter and Brodin led the team in TOI (of course) with 23:22 for Suter and 23:21 for Brodin. Dany Heatley and Kyle Brodziak managed to go -1 tonight, which makes them both a -12 for the season. How this is happening, I have no idea.

There were a few mistakes made tonight, so luckily Yeo can build off this win and make the team perform even better. Wild face the Sharks on Saturday at 1pm. Luckily for the Wild, the sharks are fading fast. Hopefully the streak grows past 5 wins in a row on Saturday. Go off and CELLY Wilderness, See back here tomorrow.

Five Questions:

  1. The last time the Wild played in Detroit, Jonas Brodin made his Wild debut and made sure Wild fans noticed him by defending very well against the likes of Zetterburg, Datsyuk and Franzen. What does the rookie phenom have up his sleeves tonight? Another great game for Kidstrom.
  2. Backstrom was solid against the Canucks, but has been a work horse all season with relatively few games off. How does he hold up tonight? Pretty solid. I'm still worried about him carrying all these games on his back though.
  3. Gilbert and Rupp are out again tonight (Stupid Avs). The Wild held it together in Vancouver with the line/partner changes, can they do it again? Oh my god did they.
  4. Last meet up at Joe Louis Arena had Russo almost combusting over bad internet access/his hate for Detroit. How does he handle his return trip? Russo had no issues, but apparently the Wild charter bus broken down trying to get back to the airport tonight. Whoops, Detroit sucks.
  5. Do the Wild continue their great playmaking? I'll have to get back to you guys, I'm too busy flailing/swooning over the game