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Hockey Wilderness podcast 3/23: LIVE @ 11:30 CST

Join Emilie, danccchan (Dan), Tony Wiseau (Tony) and brigid22 (Agnes) for a pre-game podcast


Morning Wilderness! We are excited to bring you another edition of the HW podcast today, which will be another game day edition.

You'll have four of your favorite Wilderness staff members talking about various topics relating to the Wild and the game today. There might some discussion of Ryan Suter and the Norris trophy. There could be an update on how Mikael Granlund is doing in Houston. There definitely might be some discussion on Brent Burns playing forward. Possibly, some conversation on Charlie Coyle playing against the team that traded him for the first time. Maybe even some discussion on Jonas Brodin, because who doesn't want to talk about that kid. Possibly discussion on anything else that comes up too.

The info

When: Today at 11:30am CST. We are even making it a HALF HOUR episode since most of the feedback we got was 'MAKE IT LONGER PLEASE" (twss?)

Where: Listen in here


Another super cool thing about today's podcast? Not only is it longer, but I will be live from the Xcel Energy Center as well. That might just be cool to me, but I'm making it cool to everyone else now too.