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Wilderness Walk for 3-24-2013: Noogie Gets Married

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It's always nice when love is in the air.

Alexander Hassenstein

With our normal trail leader making the terrible decision great decision to sacrifice his freedom and give his decision making ability over to another human being for as long as they both shall live, you're stuck with me for the time being. While I can't take back the decision Aaron made, I can take you through a very brief Walk.

Why is the Walk so short? Well, you see, even when the Wild are good, they are really relevant. If you're holding your breath waiting for the 2015 Winter Classic to be scheduled at Target Field, you're going to want to breathe. When a long, well written piece on Jonas Brodin winds up buried in the Strib, despite the fact the kid is going to push for the Calder, and the team is the best position it has seen at this point in a season in about 6 years, you know the State of Hockey is a farce.

Anyone know if any Vikings players took their morning constitutional yet?

So, here you go. A completely uneventful, and altogether too short Walk. If I missed anything we need to share, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Wild News

Ryan Suter excels in Minnesota, thanks to Ryan Suter ‘clone’ Jonas Brodin | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Getting some love from PD is always nice.

Sharks lose game to Wild, lose ground in Wild West - Fear The Fin - The view from the other side.

Lots of familiar faces in Wild-Sharks matinee | - Sorry, who now?

Backstrom lights out as Wild keeps winning | - He's pretty good. Probabl should have traded him all those times people screamed to do so, right?

Russo's Notebook - Always a good read.

Russo's Insider - Not so much Insiderr.

Russo's Gamer - The Wild are good. So I've heard.

Off the Trail

First Round Bust: On Minnesota and Danny DeKeyser - Good read. Go read it. If for no other reason, because you have nothing else to do.

In all seriousness, congrats to Aaron and his soon to be wife. May the love they find know no bounds, and the life they build be filled with happiness. The entire Hockey Wilderness staff and community sends our love and support on your big day.

If you're reading this, Aaron, shame on you. Focus, son. Do yourself a favor a take few moments throughout the day and appreciate whet is going on, and know that his day will pass quickly, but that the life you will build together has only just begun.

Congrats to the happy couple!