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Granlund scores a beautifuly dirty SO goal in Houston

Aeros still lost in the skills competition, but FBJ shows he's still got his touch for those of you questioning him


There were a lot of questions surrounding our own Finnish Baby Jesus, Mikael Granlund, down to Houston after a less than stellar start this season. Some people thought he was a bust, while others questioned whether he would get the experience he needed because he had already shown himself to be one of the best in the AHL during the lockout. Some people were worried he might take the demotion from the Wild back to the Aeros badly, and end up not producing at all. So how has FBJ been doing the past few weeks?

Well, after last nights game in Houston (which the Aeros lost in a SO after winning 2 games in the previous 2 days), Granlund has 6 points in 5 games (he played his fifth game since being sent back to Houston last night) and is on a 10 game point streak. Yes, there was a gap when he not playing with the Aeros and playing (or eating popcorn) for the Wild, but in his last 10 games played for the Aeros, he has gotten a point in all of them. I watched most of last nights game, and he is playing very well.

He also scored this beautiful SO goal, showing he still has the disgustingly beautiful and still dirty puck handling skills. Check it out in the video below, and while you're at it make sure you follow it's creator @fels0096 on twitter. He makes videos like this all the time, gets them up quick and is all around a pretty awesome guy. You might want to follow his youtube channel too.

Mikael Granlund Shootout Goal (March 23 2013) (via Fel0096)