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Minnesota Wild vs Dallas Stars: Game 31

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The Wild head to Dallas, looking for their first there win in a decade.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy pardner... I'm from Texas.

No, not really. Nor is anyone else in the discussion right now. Get over yourselves.

The Minnesota Wild head into Dallas having not won there since 2003. It is truly a house of horrors for the team, and one that past teams have been haunted by. However, this year's team is a bit different than years past. They now have players that can, you know, play hockey and such. Having guys like Ryan Suter, Zach Parise, Jonas Brodin, and Charlie Coyle in the lineup is going to help.

Since most of the key players on the Wild roster this year have zero issue with beating the Stars in Dallas, you can bet tonight's game is going to have a different story line, even if they don't happen to win. The last ten years simply don't matter to the bulk of the players on the roster. Life just doesn't work that way.

To be sure, the Stars are not washed up has beens who can't play the game. In fact, most of them are washed up has beens that were once pretty good. But enough about Brenden Morrow. It's just not nice to talk about a guy who just got traded.

Yes, the Stars traded their captain to the Pittsburgh Penguins earlier this week, leaving their team captainless, and with one less washed up has been to populate the scoreboard. They do, however, have Jaromir Jagr, who may be washed up, but is far from a has been.

The Wild have a good chance at this one, as the Stars seem to be cashing it in for the year. They will still need to play their A game, lest the ghosts of teams past creep back in.

Oh. One more thing. Fuck Norm Green.