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Wild @ Dallas: Game 33 preview

The Minnesota Wild take on the Dallas Stars in tonight's game.

Hannah Foslien

Matt Hackett gets the nod to start after the Wild decide to give Niklas Backstrom a much deserved rest and leave him in St. Paul. Hackett's most recent game was on Tuesday night, where the final score was 6-7 overtime loss. Luckily for Hackett, The Wild's blue line is playing MUCH better than the Aeros. With Darcy Kuemper playing as well as he has this season, and Johan Gustafsson playing spectacularly in Sweden, Hackett needs to have a solid game tonight if he wants to stay with the Wild long term.

The Wild as we all know, are riding a down right amazing hot streak right now. 8 wins in a row, and with the exception of the Coyotes game, all of those wins have been by AT LEAST 2 goals. But, as the Blackhawks can attest to, all streaks must come to an end. If the Wild come out and play like they did against the Coyotes or Dallas earlier this week, this game could turn ugly very, very quickly. Dallas hasn't played a game since Monday night, which means the team will be rested. But, that rest could also be a bad thing if the Stars have turned that rest into rust.

The line-up, with the exception of the goalies, stays the same. All four lines will need to contribute, and the blue absolutely needs to stay strong. Mike Yeo told the media this morning that while Tom Gilbert and Justin Falk didn't have a great game on Wednesday night, they have played very well together overall and has faith that they will play well tonight. Let's hope his faith spreads to the masses.

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