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Minnesota Wild vs Edmonton Oilers: Game Re-Cap

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The Wild beat the Oilers. It was a decent effort.

That one's for Buttercup? Sure. Why not?
That one's for Buttercup? Sure. Why not?
Hannah Foslien

Minnesota Wild 4 - 2 Edmonton Oilers

For Edmonton perspective, please visit your local CPA's office.

The Wild played well enough against Anaheim to take a loss, but only by one. It is always the worry that the Wild are going to follow up almost staying with one of the best teams by barely keeping up with one of the worst. Heading into a match up against the Oilers, it would have completely normal for the Wild to shut down, get defensive and find a way to play down to the level of a lesser team.

Of course, Wild fans inexplicably bought tickets to this game, to watch the ever exciting Oilers get absolutely smoked by the boring Wild. All of the lost fans watching the non-existent Oilers rushes, whispering to each other "Where is the dump and chase? Where is the trap? Oh, yeah, not in Minnesota."

Wild GM Chuck Fletcher was nearly forced to address the crowd after the second period on the scoreboard, "We realize that you haven't seen the Oilers take a shot on goal in awhile, and we just wanted to remind you that it is, indeed, still legal for them to do so. As the GM of the Wild, I can promise you that the Oilers will be gone shortly after the game and we are committed to only scheduling NHL teams in coming seasons."

The Wild, short of a fluke goal that bounced off of a Oilers players' foot, off of Ryan Suter's leg and into the net, the Oilers brought nearly no offensive production. Which, of course, is fine so long as you only care about how many shots your team attempted, and not what the score actually is.

Except that the Wild did not allow a shot on goal against in the entire second period. So there's that.

The Wild, on the other hand, decided that scoring four goals was a good deal of fun. To that end, Jared Spurgeon opened the scoring with a nice shot from the blueline that Devak Dubnyk never saw, Mikko Koivu scored a filthy goal just nine seconds into the third, Charlie Coyle scored his 2nd in the NHL, and Dany Heatley decided that he needed to get in on the action with a sick tip out in front.

Niklas Backstrom was outstanding, as his pure and utter dominance of the Edmonton Oilers continued (17-0-0 at home, 24-3-1 all time), only one player on the Wild roster finished without a shot on goal (Mike Rupp), and the Wild get the best kind of revenge for Taylor Hall's temper tantrum by taking the two points. They also move to 6th in the West. The only question is: Can the Wild repeat this type of play against an NHL team?

Three Stars

1. Wild hockey sticks (43 SOG)
2. Ryan Suter (1A)
3. Mike Rupp (0 SOG)

Five Questions:

  1. Is there any fun and games to be had? They won. That's the best revenge.
  2. Any defenders want to score a goal? Jared Spurgeon did. Suter added an assist.
  3. Anyone at all care to score a goal? Four of them, even!
  4. Which Oiler decides to show their Taylor Hall side tonight? Fortunately, only the Oilers fans acted like Taylor Hall tonight.
  5. How miserable must it be to be an Oilers fan? It has to be on par with being the Monopoly token that was eliminated. You're just so useless no one wants you around, and in the long run don't even matter.