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NHL Trade Deadline 2013: Goaltending Backup Situation

We have the talent but do we lack security?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Goaltending has never been a problem for the Minnesota Wild as far as I can remember. From Manny Fernandez to Dwayne Roloson to Niklas Backstrom, the Wild always find someone to step up.

Everytime we have some goalie controversy, we always turn out okay. But this season is different. This is the first time in Wild history that we expect to actually do some damage in the playoffs.

Niklas Backstrom is our starter, that is set in stone. But what about our backup? The Wild has had three backup goaltenders play this season but each of them have major question marks when talking about a potentially long playoff run.

The situation (thanks JS for getting it stuck in my head):

The Wild are deep in the goaltending pipeline, but there are some major questions if the Wild want to head into a long playoff run.

Josh Harding was diagnosed with MS during the offseason and we recently found out how it could affect him and the team. At the beginning of February, Harding started to feel ill and uncomfortable. He only recently go back to practicing on the ice last week and will continue to work towards the NHL. Harding has always been my favorite goaltender so best luck to him.

So what does that leave us?

Matt Hackett and Darcy Kuemper. Two very talented youngsters, but youngsters. Both of them have experience playing in key games but at the junior and AHL level. They have an extremely promising future, but are they ready yet for a team that is hoping to challenge in the playoffs?

I tweeted the question to Russo yesterday.


what about a backup goaltender? Wild brass confident enough in Harding/Hackett/Kuemper for a playoff run?


they say yes

Do you agree? Are you confident in the backup goaltenders the Wild currently have for the playoffs? Do we need to pick up a goaltender on deadline?