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Wilderness Walk 3-5-2013: Game Day Edition

Tonight, join us in celebration as the Minnesota Wild square off against the yet to be defeated in regulation Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center.

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Wild faceoff at Chicago, tonight: 7:30 pm.
Wild faceoff at Chicago, tonight: 7:30 pm.
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

WAKE UP WILDERNESS!!! Its game-day! Again! I don't know about you guys, but I am loving the pace of this season. Always a game on, or some new "How Many Games" spin-the-wheel-o-justice Dept. of Player Safety jokes spreading the twittersphere. October is a distant memory, faded long into the deep reaches of mind, never to be heard from again (officially: 63 periods closer to the next lockout). It is a new day WILDerness, we have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, we just put the wallop to the Oilers, and now we are walking tall into the United Center to try and put a stop to all this points in every game sillyness goings on.

This WILDerness, is to be no easy task indeed! It will be a large effort with many perils to be fought! The Hawks are surely an offensive power house ranked 4th in the league in goals/game with 3.04, stack that in front of their league leading 1.41 GAA netminder in Corey Crawford, and your task becomes just a bit more daunting. Being nothing but fair here, we must mention the Wild are but 1 of 3 teams that have managed to get 2 points out of Chicago this year, despite giving 1 in return. Tonight we also get another close look in on former Wild prospect turned Blackhawk blue liner Nick Leddy. I forgot how that happened, you'd think him being so young we would of, got some kind of compensation for him.... huh ....

Anyhow! Puck drops at 7:30 central (something I could get used to in a divisional game), Game threads coming later, and maybe somebody has a rabbit up their sleeve or something, stay tuned!


Its on ladies and gentleman! Join us this evening on the internet airwaves of Hockey Wilderness on Blogtalk Radio. That's right folks, you've seen us in print, now hear us over the interwebs. This party starts tentatively at 5 pm central. I'd have to have somebody confirm this, but I'm willing to bet you can even listen on your mobile device (data charges may apply). So check it out, its been fun testing this out the last couple weeks. I believe you can even call in if so inclined. So tune in at Hockey Wilderness on Blogtalk Radio at 5, we'll keep ya updated on any changes.

Wild News

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Tending The Fields

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Enemy News

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