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Hockey Wilderness presents: HW Live Podcast

Join some of your Hockey Wilderness writers for our first ever live podcast

Yeo would probably approve of this podcast. Maybe, potentially.
Yeo would probably approve of this podcast. Maybe, potentially.

Wilderness, are you ready for something exciting? As HW continues to grow, we decided to break out of the typical articles only box. Tonight, listen in for your Wilderness's very first live podcast.

The details:

Time- 5:00pm CS, will run for 15-20 minutes.


Who- You'll just have to tune in and see :)

What- We'll be talking about the game tonight, including the Hawks record and how it's tainted by "ties"

There's a number listed that you can use to call into the show. We're asking right now that you DON'T call it. We are still playing around and trying to work out some bugs with how we are going to run it. If you have questions you want answered, leave them in the comments section here, and if we have time in tonight's segment we will answer a few of them (no promises though, we might run out of time).

This is going to turn into a weekly (potentially even MORE frequent) thing Wilderness. We are really excited about branching off into this venture, but we need your help to make it a success. Make sure you tune in, make sure you tell your friends/family, and make sure they tune in too!