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HW Podcast: We Need You!

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An open discussion where we welcome your thoughts (but if its something we don't like, get out).

Jonathan Daniel

Yes, we need all of you.

As you know, we have started to migrate into other forms of digital media and have introduced the HW Podcast! Yesterday, we did our first show and if you haven't heard it yet, you can listen to right it below.

But it isn't perfect yet so in order to make the best show we can, we need your feedback and input! Take a listen!

Click Here To Listen (Episode 1)

Here are just some questions that come to mind:

  1. Would you prefer taking in the discussion as a video form or prefer it as audio?
  2. How do you listen to podcasts? Using your mp3 player as you run errands or in the background of your computer as you search the internet?
  3. We need a name for the podcast! Fire up your creative juices!
  4. What is your overall impression of our first episode?

...and just fire away any suggestions you have! We would love to hear from you because we want to produce a show that is tailored made just for you.