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Three questions w/Davisca from OTF

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Check out my answers over at OTF as well!

Hannah Foslien

1.) There's been a lot of talk about this being Suter's first game back in Nashville. Trotz said in his pregame interview that the team has made their peace with Suter. Do you think Nashville fans feel the same way?
1) I'd say most fans are not happy with Suter. Suter dropped vague hints before the trade deadline that he might not stay
(specifically when he wouldn't sign a contract, and at the All Star Game when he said he didn't want to think about resigning
at the time because it was distracting), but when we picked up Alex Radulov, Andrei Kostitsyn, Hal Gill, and Paul Gaustaud,
I think there was some hope that he might stay, especially if we could make a deep playoff run (obviously didn't happen). More
than anything, I think the fans feel lead on and disappointed. I know I do, at least. It was frustrating. I'm sure he's receive a big
welcome from the Boo Birds.

2.) The Wild and Predators have met twice this season, with both teams walking away with one win a piece. How do you think tonights game is going to go?

2) I was actually looking at our franchise record against Minnesota the other night, and I believe the Preds and Wild are exactly
.500 against each other, so I expect this game to follow that trend; close, defensive, and who knows who's gonna win. The Preds
are coming off of a pretty strong win against Edmonton last night (6-0) after a 7 game slump, while the Wild haven't played since
Tuesday when they lost to Chicago, so again... who knows. Minny/Nashville games always seem to be a toss up!
3.) Looking forward to next season, what is OTF's thoughts on realignment and the new mid-west conference?
3) There seem to be some mixed feelings about the realignment amongst OtF members, but I personally am a fan, and I know Dirk
likes it too. We'll miss Detroit a little bit, but I'm happy not to play against Pavel Datsyuk six times a year, and I'm looking forward to
seeing Minnesota, Dallas, and Colorado more often. They're all teams I like to watch, and they're all teams I think Nashville will be
able to develop rivalries with. Change can be good, and I'm looking forward to this change