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Minnesota Wild vs St. Louis Blues: Game 34

The Blues come to town hungry and looking for points.


The Minnesota Wild went on a seven game winning streak, ran headlong back into the demon lair that is Dallas, and then came back to steal a win against the Stanley Cup Champions. While it would have been nice to see them beat Dallas again, the fact that there was no tail spin coming off that loss says something about this year's team. The number of demons exorcised continues to grow, and the excitement level around this team grows exponentially with every passing day.

Tonight, they can continue those exorcisms by dispatching the Blues and taking the two points.

The Blues are not going to be a fun opponent tonight. They are big, angry, and need points more than the Wild do. They will bring a brand of physical that the Wild are not used to getting lately, and the Wild will need to find a way to not only win, but stay in one piece in the process. Just .500 in their last 10, a point out of the playoffs, and losers in three straight, the Blues are going to want this.

Brett Clark stays in, says Russo. Niklas Backstrom in, everything stays the same.

Now, if only the Wild can avoid doing something stupid while fighting the Flyers and Canucks for the services of Ryane Clowe...

Game time is 7PM. We'll see you here.