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Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues: Game Recap

The Wild put forth a lackluster effort and fall to the Blues 4-1.

Who looks like an idiot?
Who looks like an idiot?

Minnesota Wild 1-4 St. Louis Blues

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Well, that didn't go well.

What worked?

Umm, Dany Heatley scored his 10th of the season on the power play, Jonas Brodin and Torrey Mitchell assisted.

The crowd was announced at 18,786 for the 14th straight sellout.

Yeah, that's about it.

I don't know what it is about the Blues, but they give the Wild fits game in and game out. Even with the Kings, another team that has always given the Wild trouble, the games are usually entertaining. Unfortunately, the only typical entertainment from a Blues-Wild tilt comes thanks to the extracurriculars, and there weren't even any of those tonight.

What sucked?

Clayton Stoner

Officiating (on both ends. Woof)

The Wild couldn't take advantage of Jaroslav Halak's rein jury of his groin and a cold Brian Elliott. Granted, Elliott came in with 12.5 left in the first, so he had plenty of time to prepare in the intermission.

Another loss to a team out of the playoffs (although in the West, there are about 19 teams within 2 points of 8th)

Ugh. Super deflating game tonight. Let's brush it off and prepare for Wednesday.

Three Stars

1. Brian Elliott

2. Jaden Schwartz

3. Dany Heatley

Five Questions

1.) The Wild rebounded nicely. Is it time to start a new winning streak? No.

2.) Can The Hitman continue to win his spot? Didn't do much for or against.

3.) Is Backstrom just "lucky" or is he this good? Wasn't great tonight.

4.) Who gets to be the hero tonight? Umm, nobody?

5.) Nathan and Bryan are really leaving, JS wasn't really banned, and Cornelius is not taking over. Why are airplanes not made of air? Because air has no thrust.