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Wilderness Walk- 03-12-2013: 2 Out of 8 Is Bad Edition

The Wild get shutout again. At least it wasn't all Stoner's fault this time.

Hannah Foslien

The leeway is disappearing.

With this loss- the third shutout in four games- the Wild have gone on to drop 6 of their last 8. This is not good. The Wild have dropped from a legitimate third in the Conference to 7th- four points from being out of the playoffs altogether.

As I noted after the last loss, the schedule is easier, and blahblahblah. None of that matters unless some Ws go up on the board, and everyone on that team knows it. They have 8 games to make the playoffs happen, and they've got control of their own destiny. It's time for them to get those points.

What's nice to see (though I only caught the second period, and that was on the radio... gorram blizzards), is that the Wild didn't play horribly last night. It's bad that they lost, but if they can play that well, they'll get and convert chances, especially against the Wild match up more favorably against.

But like I said, I don't have a lot of room to comment on the game itself, so let's have people who had more access than I take it from here. On to the Walk.

Wild News

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Tom Powers: Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo's excuses go only so far -

Well, I haven't seen a leader this defiant since Kim Jong-un announced he was firing up the nukes.

Do all of Tom Powers columns start off like a bad Family Guy cutaway joke? At least he used a reference after 1990. Ironically, however, when you say "I haven't seen __________ since __________", it's actually to your benefit to use something outdated. It's why "since sliced bread" works- citing something that happened a long time ago gives weight to your statement. Citing something that happened... a month ago, maybe?... doesn't carry that weight.

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Tending the Fields

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Off the Trail

What NHL, NHLPA ‘You Can Play’ partnership means for next generation of players | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- This is just fantastic news. The only thing wrong with this is that it needed to happen in the first place, and took as long as it did.

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Fantasy Hockey: Top 10 fantasy busts this season | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Meanwhile, Oppan Granlund Style! is enjoying their bye week, with none of those guys. Though Brandon Dubinsky needs to get himself back in that lineup.