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Minnesota Swarm face Colorado Mammoth in 2013 Penultimate Regular Season Game

The transition game will be key tonight for the Swarm.
The transition game will be key tonight for the Swarm.
Angela Taylor- ACT1 Photography

The Minnesota Swarm hold their own destiny in their hands. Right now, they sit just one game ahead of the Buffalo Bandits, and are tied with the Colorado Mammoth. It just so happens, the Swarm have two games left in the season, both against the Mammoth. This is where rivalries are born, where heroes are made, and legacies formed. If you aren't into that, you should probably check your pulse.

With just two games left, there are still a number of scenarios that can play out. They can make the playoffs and play on the road, sweep Colorado and get a little help elsewhere and host a playoff game, or they can flat out miss the playoffs altogether. The best scenario is for the Swarm to sweep Colorado in the home and home, take the season series, and control their own path.

No matter what happens, the Swarm need to find a way to win, and get back to playing like they did the past month, save for last week's game.

Standing in the way are the Mammoth, with whom the Swarm have an intimate and fierce rivalry. This isn't a made up, made for NBC rivalry like the Wild and the Hawks, or even one of those one sided fan only rivalries like the Wild and Canucks. This is the real thing, and these two teams truly do not like each other.

John Grant, Jr. is the key for the Mammoth, and the Swarm will need to find a way to contain the NLL's leading all time scorer, or fall victim to him picking the team apart like, well, any semi-decent quarterback picking apart the Vikings defense. If the Swarm can slow down Grant, Jr, they have a solid chance of beating the Mammoth.

The transition game is where success lives and dies in the NLL, and the Swarm have one of the best transition games in the league. If they can free Jordan MacIntosh and Andrew Watt in transition, the Mammoth will be forced to back off a bit and watch their flanks when they are pressing on offense. It cannot be said with enough emphasis or be over stated. The Swarm need their transition to be on tonight, or things could get rough.

This one has all the makings of a instant classic. Playoffs on the line, rivalry already in place, players on both sides revved and ready to go. Get your blood pumping, flip on your second screen, fire up YouTube and watch the Swarm fight it out.

Trust me. It's worth it.

Game time is 8PM. Don't miss it.