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Cleland Ice Rink Update: Leadership Working to Stay Open

Things still need to be finalized, but it looks like Cleland Ice Rink will be staying open.

About a week ago, we told you about a Defending the Blue Line initiative to help keep Cleland Ice RInk open on Fort Bragg, NC. DTBL authored a petition on, asked for help spreading the word, and as of today over 2,000 people have signed that petition.

That pressure, along with some behind the scenes work by DTBL and partners, it is looking like Cleland will be staying open. DTBL called in a number of favors and worked hard with the partnerships they have built to be sure that the rink stayed open for military families.

The Carolina Hurricanes will be part of the solution, as will Defending the Blue Line, as the leadership has proposed a new rate structure that will increase costs to the families. DTBL and the Hurricanes will work together to ensure those costs stay affordable and the kids can keep playing hockey.

While this is not a done deal, and there are still a number of moving parts, it is looking like a victory for hockey and for the children of our nation's heroes. Thank you to everyone here at HW, and around the SB Nation community for helping support DTBL's mission to keep this rink open.

It means more to these kids than you will ever know.

If you would like to help keep the pressure on, and ensure this gets done, please sign the petition, found HERE, and ask others to do the same.