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Dustin Brown Elbows Jason Pominville: Suspension Worthy?

LA Kings' Dustin Brown nails the Wild's Jason Pominville directly in the head with an elbow. Will it result in suspension.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In the second period of tonight's game, the LA Kings' Dustin Brown threw an elbow that hit the Minnesota Wild's Jason Pominville in the head. That's the nice way to put it.

What really happened was Brown was protecting the puck, saw Pominville coming in from behind and threw a vicious elbow directly to the head of his opponent. There was no need for Brown's elbow to come up, and it was nothing more than lazy play by a player who has already had brushes with the Department of Player Safety Jokes this season. This is not a "hockey play" and serves no purpose other than to injure Pominville.

There was, of course, no call by the highly qualified and always perfect referees in the National Hockey League. Pominville was noticeably dazed, looked wobbly on his feet, and was taken directly to the back for assessment.

It is late in the season, and DoPSJ is completely off the rails, so who knows. Brendan Shanahan is as likely to award Brown the Cup as he is to suspend him, so any guess is really in the scope of reality.

Here is the video, from @FEL0096.

What say you, Wilderness?