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Wilderness Walk- 04-24-2013: Getting Closer Edition

The Wild get a very important two points and are now one win away from clinching a playoff spot.

Backstrom indicating a Kings goal was illegal. This was the only violation the refs noticed last night.
Backstrom indicating a Kings goal was illegal. This was the only violation the refs noticed last night.

My thoughts tonight after a nerve-wracking third period where the Wild extracted two points from the defending Stanley Cup Champs:

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So, that covers my reaction, anyway. I guess my thoughts are a bit more nuanced. It was a great win. You'd have liked to see this result when they were playing the hapless Calgary Flames, but the Wild pulling out a win against the defending Stanley Cup Champions in a must-win spot works, too, I guess.

But, the job isn't finished yet, Wilderness. The Wild still need two more points to guarantee them a playoff berth. Luckily for them, their remaining games are against edmonton and at Colorado, the 14th and 15th worst teams in the conference, respectively. If they can't get it done, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Just flat out don't.

So, after all the panic, and all the meltdowns, and all the hand-wringing over who needs to be fired, the Wild are basically where they were two games ago- with their playoff destinies firmly in hand, and the schedule to take advantage of. In fact, per Russo, the Wild will be in the playoffs before their next game if Bill Lumbus loses to Dallas in regulation.

Unfortunately, this win may have a cost to it. Jason Pominville didn't get the memo that elbowing and interference were legal tonight, and thusly was dumb enough to run right into a Dustin Brown elbow. Silly Pom Pom! You can't let your head get hit with someone else's elbow!

So, we don't know as of yet what will happen to Pominville. Hopefully he will be able to come back to the Wild for their next game against edmonton on Friday. But the fact that he didn't return to the ice isn't a good sign. Don't be at all surprised if it's a concussion. A shame, since Pom Pom has done nothing but kick ass and take names since coming to the Wild.

But, as has been noted here and by Russo, the Wild doesn't necessarily want Brown to be suspended, as that would leave the Kings shorthanded against the Wings, whom the Wild will want to lose for some breathing room.

Anyway, on to the Walk.

Playoff Bubble Today

The Wild are 7th in the Western Conference with 53 points. They can only be caught by Columbus (51 points with two games left), and Detroit (50 points with three games left). So there. You're a Dallas fan tomorrow night.

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