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Calder Cup playoffs: Go Aeros!

The Houston Aeros start the playoff push tomorrow night against Grand Rapids

The Houston Aeros start their quest for the Calder Cup (the AHL equivalent to the Stanley Cup) tomorrow night in Houston. Here is everything you need to know to help you cheer the Aeros to victory over the Grand Rapid Griffins (Red Wings affiliate).

The Calder cup is a best of FIVE series instead of a best of seven series. This means three losses and the team is out.

The team seeded higher gets to decide which games are home and which games are away. The Griffins decided that games 1 and 2 will be in Houston, with the remaining games in Grand Rapids. This will allow the Griffins the chance to win the series in front of a home crowd. It works out well that the Aeros will have at least 2 home games before they leave town though.

The Aeros have only not qualified for the Calder twice since the Wild took over ownership. Even the pilfered roster from last season (hey, remember when we all called the Wild the Minnesota Aeros last season cause it was true), the Aeros made it to the playoffs. That means playoff bound in 10 of 12 years.

The Griffins are a tough team, and it is pretty unlikely that Aeros will best them in the series. The Aeros have got 2-3-1 against the Griffins this season. However, if the Aeros can win both home games, they will have a pretty good shot at winning one of the road games.

One thing the Aeros have going for them is the fact that this will be it for them in Houston. From talking to players, it's clear that they love playing in Houston and they love the fans. It's not a stretch to say these guys are motivated to give the fans something to cheer for.

Andrew and I will be posting up game summaries the morning after the games so everyone can follow along. If there's a desire for GDTs or something for the games we can do that too. Up to you guys to decide what you want.