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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013: The Schedule (Some of It)

The NHL releases the first... two games of the playoff schedule.


The NHL loves itself some drama. Not releasing the playoff schedule until 10PM central time is a great way to ensure that, well, no one outside of the people who already care will ever care. Alas, there was another level of idiocy to be had. Not only did they not release the schedule until late tonight, but they only released leaked the first two games.


Regardless, (According to Russo) the Wild open in Chicago on Tuesday night at 7PM, then go back to sitting around until Friday for game two, also at 7PM. With that, the stage is set for the first portion of the first round of the playoffs. For those who have lives to plan around, you have your mission report through Friday.

We'll get you the rest of the schedule as we have it. Which, at this rate, should be sometime Saturday night. Likely around midnight or so. (Or perhaps later tonight on the scheduling show. Sigh)

UPDATE, 10:00PM - Full Schedule released

Game 1: Tuesday, April 30 7PM @ Chicago - NBC Sports Network

Game 2: Friday, May 3 8:30PM @ Chicago -NBCSN

Game 3: Sunday, May 5 2PM in St. Paul -NBCSN

Game 4: May 7, 8:30PM - NBCSN

NHL show refers us to for the rest of the schedule... that particular page is, of course, not working. This is a gong show. About as bad as any professional league can run things. Next year, just publish the damn schedule, will ya?

Still waiting on: (Update 10:30)

Game 5: Thursday May 9th in Chicago, station and time TBA

Game 6: Saturday May 11th in Minnesota, station and time TBA

Game 7: Sunday May 12th in Chicago, station and time TBA