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Minnesota Wild trade for Jason Pominville

The deal with the Buffalo Sabres sends Johan Larsson and Matt Hackett the other way.

He looks fast.
He looks fast.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

After a monotenus, drudging trade deadline day, the Wild blew the top off of things by trading two highly prized prospects to the Buffalo Sabres for Right Wing Jason Pominville, the Sabres captain. That is as much as we know right now, with reports still being finalized, and talk of "high picks" going either way from Russo. This is not done yet.

Pominville is a former 80 point player, has averaged around 60 points in his career, has a big body, and is reliable, having played all 82 game sin most of his seasons with the Sabres. We have this from our friends at Die By the Blade:

Jason Pominville does many things very well. He's got a killer shot, is a finisher when he gets his chances as is always one of the Sabres first shootout candidates. He has better-than-you-think hands and can make tough passes to set his teammates up. He's an above average defender, and has earned his power play time in Buffalo. He'll be an asset to your top six in both ends, no question, and he's been one of the Sabres most consistent players over the past seven years.

The things Pominville doesn't do well are the things that soured Sabres fans on him. He never really seemed to earn his captaincy, as he's a very soft-spoken, nice guy who often resorted to spouting cliches in his interviews. Though he will block shots, he won't hit anyone, and he doesn't outwardly display the fire you want a guy wearing the C to show. I think he'l be much better served on a team where he doesn't have to be "the guy", and with Parise and Koivu there to handle the scoring/interviewing duties, Pominville will be free to do what does best - contribute consistently in both ends of the ice.

For now, this moves signals that Chuck Fletcher is serious about contending this season. Pominville will almost certainly shore up the top line, giving Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise a proven scorer on the right side. While Charlie Coyle was playing well, Pominville has already shown he has what it takes.

Great counter to the Nucks getting Derek Roy, also.

We'll have more as it is available.

What do you think, at first blush, Wilderness?