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Noon Number for 5-1-2013: 13

Will Ryan Suter be able to handle the massive minutes he's expected to play?

Jonathan Daniel


Last night, Ryan Suter played 41 minutes and 8 seconds, the second highest total of his career. Ryan Suter's been no stranger to heavy workloads. In Suter's last 23 games, he has logged over 28 minutes in 13 of them.

One might be concerned with the heavy minutes that Suter got last night, especially since he logged over 28 minutes in 20 games during the regular season, en route to leading the NHL in Average Time on Ice. However, he's been in Top 10 in that category for the last three years, and Top 3 in the last 2 postseasons, averaging almost 29 minutes in that span. This including leading the NHL in that category for the 10-11 playoffs.

All of this without slowing down a bit, as you could argue Suter's never been better than he was this year.

So, what's this all to say? 1) Wild fans need not worry too much about Suter's minutes, as he's historically shown he can handle them, and 2) The Wild are really, really, really lucky to have this guy, particularly with the lack of depth on their blue line.