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Noon Numbers for 5-10-2013: 1 & -18

When searching for ways the Wild can improve in their next playoff series, look no further than the Wild's three best players.

The only thing the Big Three had to celebrate this postseason.
The only thing the Big Three had to celebrate this postseason.

1 & -18.

That is the amount of points and the +/- totals of the 3 Mikko Koivu, Zach Parise, and Ryan Suter.

That's really bad. It's abysmal. You're not going to win any series with your three best players producing that little.

Make no mistake, those are the players which deserve a lot of the credit for the Minnesota Wild even making the playoffs to begin with. But when we start asking ourselves questions about why the Wild didn't succeed, well, it's hard to look a lot further than your three highest-paid players (active roster) producing one point, and being a combined -18. That's what a combined 22 million dollars turned into in the postseason. It's completely unacceptable.

From what I've gathered from teh interwebz and local media, a lot of blame is being put on Koivu. I'm fine with Koivu getting blame for this, because his lack of production was a large part of the Wild's series loss. But if you're going to use this series to argue that Koivu should hand the "C" to either Suter or Parise, please be reminded that Suter, for all his ice time, and Parise, for all his shots, were also no-shows this postseason.

I don't question the ability of those three players. I don't question whether they're worth the investment that the team's put into them. I don't question that they've the ability to be part of the core of a contending NHL team, if not a Cup winner.

But to accomplish that, they've got to show up next postseason, in a much, much more impactful sense than was demonstrated over these last five games.