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Wilderness Walk 5-14-2013: Semi-Finals Edition

The NHL Semi-Finals begin today as the final two teams settled up the Eastern Conference last night in two very different game 7's.

An amazing finish to an amazing comeback.
An amazing finish to an amazing comeback.
Jared Wickerham

Good morning Wilderness, its gonna be a warm one out there today so whatever the opposite of bundle up is, do that. I really hope you all enjoyed some game 7 action last night, cause damn! The low-light of the evening was the complete collapse and dismantling of the Washington Capitals as the New York Rangers took them apart in Capitals territory, 5-0. Last nights main event though was what happened in the final 12 minutes of regulation in Beantown. The Toronto Maple Leafs found themselves up 4-1, a pretty comfortable lead with a little over half a period left one might think. The Boston Bruins were not going to go quietly into the night and tied the game with just under 1 minute to play in regulation after scoring their 2nd goal in 31 seconds to send this game to overtime.

Honestly Wilderness, I was bouncing around the room in the final moments of the 3rd period in Boston. Not that I'm overly a Bruins fan or that I dislike the Maple Leafs any. It was just absolutely exciting hockey, its the kind of stuff you dream of seeing in the playoffs, especially in a deciding game 7. There is a little less angst when you have no team invested in such situations and you can just enjoy somebody else's collapse for a change. I'm not sure where you might find it, but if they when they replay last nights Meltdown in Beantown you must watch it, or at least set your DVR/VCR to record this and save it for a rainy day.

Today marks the start of the NHL Semi-Finals as the Ottawa Senators play at the Pittsburgh Penguins and the late game features two California teams where the San Jose Sharks play the Los Angeles Kings. Things are starting to heat up outside, and in the NHL playoffs, so do yourself a favor hockey fans and try not to miss it.

Wild News

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Tending The Fields

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Off The Trail

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