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Another New Kid on the Block: Welcome Fel 96 to the staff!

We continue to add writers to bring the best of the best to continue to bring you great Wild coverage


Even though the season is over, and SBN is having massive tech issues, We are excited to bring you yet another new staff member.

Most of you may know Felix from his awesome Youtube videos that are always up super fast on twitter for hits/goals/injuries/awesome plays. He's been commenting here every so often, but now the time has come to make him a full blown writer.

He'll be pitching in over the summer to help bring new content to the site every day (that's the goal guys, new content every day this summer!), and will be helping out with Wild coverage and general NHL coverage next season. He'll probably be pitching in wherever we need him too as well.

Here's a little more about him, straight from his mouth (fingertips really I guess...). Also, He wanted me to add in that he REALLY likes beer.

Greeting from Quebec City!

My name is Felix and I'm a passionate Wild fan since 2004 (pre-lockout). I breathe hockey. Now, I can see a lot of people wondering how I became a Wild fan. It's simple.
I started watching NHL hockey in 2003 and I don't exactly remember why but for some reason, Jacques Lemaire's coaching style started to grow on me. Also, in 2002, the Wild drafted a gem in Pierre-Marc Bouchard who coincidentally was my favorite player. I've been followed him since his junior days. Today, I'm still a Wild fan and I'm sticking with them no matter what. One of my goals is to come watch a Minnesota Wild game at the X someday. I'd love to feel what's to be in the State of Hockey. My favorite current Wild players are Josh Harding, Mikko Koivu and Jason Pominville. As for my favorite prospects, it's Charlie Coyle, Zack Phillips and Jason Zucker.

I'm a sportive guy. I used to play minor league hockey but I had to stop due to the high costs so I decided to switch to soccer where it was a less expensive sport. I played handball at some point as well. I loved playing any of these sports but hockey was by far the one I enjoyed the most. As for my personality, I'm not afraid of criticism as long as it doesn't go into name calling.
I think one thing some fans might
reproach me is that I am too positive and optimistic about this team sometimes. Only time will tell I guess!

I own a Minnesota Wild t-shirt, a cap and that's about it. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of Wild gear here. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to join HW and to interact with more fans. I think it will be a great experience. Hopefully you are going to enjoy my presence. Feel free to ask any questions.