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Wilderness Walk: 5-2-2013: Downtime Edition

The Wild are back in St. Paul, and it's time for us all to prepare for Game 2.

With some downtime, all the focus is rightfully (though, for him, unwanted) on Josh Harding.
With some downtime, all the focus is rightfully (though, for him, unwanted) on Josh Harding.
Jonathan Daniel

I found it pretty odd that the Wild went back to St. Paul.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a diatribe questioning the work ethic of the Wild, or if Yeo is keeping the Wild's noses to the grindstone, or if this means they aren't going to have the requisite "fire" to win, or whatever.

I know it's just two days in between games, and that it's a very short plane trip, but it just seems weird to have that kind of downtime in the midst of a playoff series, especially with the crazy, condensed season that has barely given anyone a moment to breathe.

The biggest story of the day for the Wild is unquestionably the play of Josh Harding and what it means. What he had to overcome to play so well on Tuesday night is incredible, and while he doesn't like the attention he receives for it, it's well-deserved, and his play is serving as an inspiration to all affected directly and indirectly by MS.

The second biggest story is injuries. Pominville remains day-to-day, while Backstrom joins the lists. This doesn't count the fact that when it comes to playoff runs, just about everyone is playing hurt. Perhaps a day at home will be the a good remedy for that hurting. You'll be keeping an eye on the status of the Wild players in the next couple of days.

Oh, and also, the Blackhawks have done quite well in an underrated category this year. But you'll have to go on the Walk to remember.

Wild News

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Tending the Fields

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