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Is Ryan Suter really human?

After playing 42 minutes against Chicago, Suter shows the rest of the Wild blue line how the pros handle the playoffs. Knee hockey.

Jonathan Daniel

Ryan Suter is practically a god among men. After playing over 42 minutes in his first playoff game for the Wild, many people expected him to be exhausted yesterday (by the way, that wasn't even his highest career TOI).

Tracey Myers of the CSN Chicago joked on twitter that she suspected he would be living off an oxygen tank. But in reality, he was at practice yesterday, and even played knee hockey with his son afterwards according to Russo. When asked about his good mood after the loss to Chicago, Suter responded with "You can't get down. It's one game."

Suter also jokingly said "I'm a good glider." during his media availability after practice. After watching him all season, Wild fans can really see exactly why Nashville was so upset when he signed with the Wild over the summer. When Zach Parise was asked about the minutes Suter played against Chicago, he talked about how Suter makes it look effortless, and is rarely out of breath.

In the Noon Number yesterday, a lot of people mentioned just how smart Suter plays the game. One of the brilliant things that he does is assess the game on the fly and adjust accordingly. If it looks like he could be beat to the puck for an icing, he lets up his speed a bit for an easy check on the opposing player that allows him to get the puck to his partner.

Speaking of partners, Suter has done an excellent job mentoring Jonas Brodin as well. It has been mentioned on the site before, but if you watch closely, you can see Brodin mimicking the movements Suter makes. It's been said before, but the two defenders could make defending into an art form if they keep up doing what they are doing.

When asked about Brodin's progress this season, Suter said it speaks to just how good Brodin is that his is holding his own with such large minutes and mentioned that he only wished he had been playing those types of minutes when he was Brodin's age.

While the rest of the blue line may need to make some adjustments, Suter has taken control of the back end of the team. With him at the helm, this Wild team is going to give fans something to be excited about during this playoff push.

If you haven't checked out Suter's full press conference from yesterday, check out this link. It's great stuff.