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Noon (PST) Number for 5-2-2013: 5

After focusing on Suter's minutes yesterday, we turn to the minute-munching of his defensive partner.

Brodin. So hot right now.
Brodin. So hot right now.

5 is the magic number of the day today.

And 5 squared is Jonas Brodin's number. So, basically, Brodin is magic squared.


Anyway, Brodin had an impressive Game 1 against the Chicago Blackhawks. While he didn't register on the scoresheet, he finished the game even while racking up 34:20 seconds of ice time. It struck me as an impressive total for a rookie defenseman, so I decided to go through recent postseasons (I went back 4, because looking at all rookie defensemen's game logs is tedious) to see which rookie defensemen accumulated as much or more ice time as Brodin did during a playoff game. The answer, as far as I'm aware, is 5. Here's the list:

P.K. Subban: (4/23/11) 40:38

John Carlson: (4/20/11) 34:50

Erik Karlsson: (4/22/10) 40:38

Tyler Myers: (4/21/10) 35:35

Jonathan Ericsson: (5/3/09) 42:36

So, this seems to happen about once a year, maybe a little more. But three points of interest:

1) This is pretty good company to be in. Subban and Karlsson are star young players. Tyler Myers was on track to doing the same thing in his first two years of play. Carlson's young, steady, and still has upside. Ericsson is a solid defenseman as well.

2) Of the last 6 occurrences of a rookie defenseman getting this much ice time, Brodin is the only one to make this list without the benefit of multiple overtime periods. Karlsson and Ericsson had three. The others had two.

3) The only person on this list to do it at age 19? Erik Karlsson. Good sign for Brodin.