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Wilderness Walk: 5-23-2013

A charity is born, a coach got fired, a team's season is just about over, and some amnesty candidates are being looked over.

Josh Harding is starting an MS charity, per Russo. Keep an eye on that.
Josh Harding is starting an MS charity, per Russo. Keep an eye on that.

Good morning, Wild fans!

Still pretty quiet here in the Wilderness, but there's quite a bit to talk about in the few things that happened (or were discussed) yesterday. On the website, please check out Dan Chan's Mock Draft Game, where you can still sign up for teams, and participate in a Mock Draft done by the HW community. Should be fun (and the Wild have been taken), and get you fairly knowledgeable about prospects.

Wild News

No article yet, but Mike Russo reported on Twitter that Josh Harding will be launching a charity for MS very shortly. Follow @HardingsHope on Twitter for details.

Off the Trail

Penguins rebound with 7-3 win, take 3-1 series lead over Senators | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Well, nice knowing you Senators.

What a hockey dressing room is like post-playoff elimination | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Justin Bourne breaks down the aftermath of a playoff elimination.

Alain Vigneault fired by Canucks; who takes over the coaching gig in Vancouver? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- No tired Fire Yeo joke from me here, I promise. I was a lot more interested in who might replace him in Vancouver before I remembered that realignment was happening. Duh.

Anyway, we hear a lot about the coaches that were signed in the summer that Yeo was hired. With Vigneault, Ruff, and potentially Tippett available this offseason, might we hear some similar stories this year? Are the Wild missing an opportunity in order to keep Yeo? Smarter guys than I would know, but those are some big names floating around.

The Quiet Room: And the Masterton goes to… | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | It's clearly Crosby's, especially after it came to light that he bravely overcame almost choking on a mozzarella stick. Also, I just set myself up for a humiliatingly ironic death of mozz stick asphyxiation. So there you go.

Brad Richards, postseason disaster for the New York Rangers | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports- Would the rangers REALLY amnesty Richards, with that contract being on the books for another 12 years?

Rumor Roundup: Any room for Miller? - The Hockey News- I don't think this will happen. If not because of cap space, because of the assets they'd have to give up. If they make another trade with Buffalo, it's going to be for Vanek. Not that that's mega-super likely, either.

2013 NHL Playoffs - Why Pittsburgh Penguins should punt Marc-Andre Fleury - ESPN- INsider piece, but another potential goaltending option. Though the next-level stat they showed in a sidebar showed that Niklas Backstrom has been 8th in the NHL- ahead of Miller and Fluery- in even-strength SV% since 08-09. Something to consider when FA picks up.