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Stupid NHL Rules: 4 Minute Penalty if Blood is Drawn

Hello Wilderness! Hope you have been enjoying this first day of our summer coverage here! Starting today, a different article pertaining to a certain topic will be put up at this time everyday up until the end of summer. I'm the lucky one that gets to start this out for us, so let's get to it.

Today's topic is stupid NHL rules. You want to know which rule I think is stupid and one that really grinds my gears? A ref giving a 4 minute penalty if blood gets drawn! Really NHL, really??!! Do you realize that some players can bleed easier than others??!! Well, I guess you don't, as you all think it's a good idea to give someone a double minor (4-minute) penalty just because someone bled. Here's what I think these refs should do to fix this senseless rule: assess the player with a penalty based on the severity of what they actually did. For example, if it was a really vicious high stick, said player should be assessed with a double minor penalty, regardless of whether or not blood was drawn from the hit player. Otherwise, a less severe high stick (or whatever else the player may do) should be charged with just a minor penalty. How about that refs? Ranting aside, I want to know everyone else's thoughts on this dumb rule. Feel free to post a comment below.