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Wilderness Walk 5/7/2013: Game 4 Edition

TONIGHT! LIVE! AT THE X! Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks, Game 4. Puck drops at 8:30 pm.

Damn, we in a tight spot!
Damn, we in a tight spot!
Hannah Foslien

Good morning WILDerness, and what a fantastic day it is! Tonight your Minnesota Wild take on the over-hyped Chicago Blackhawks in game 4 of their Western Conference Quarter Final playoff series. The Wild trail in this series (for the moment) 2-1, and are looking to even things up tonight on home ice. Speaking of tonight, 8:30, really NHL? I mean you already don't watch us on the East coast as it is (more on this in a bit), but you really need to make it harder for our Easterly time zoned friends to enjoy some Wild playoff hockey? (Sorry Ger, gonna be a late(r) night for you.) I get you need to liberal up the start times for the playoffs a bit to ensure everyone has the opportunity to watch, but its a school night for Pete's sake!

As if right on cue too, the NHL and NBC brass are making sure the never wrong folks in the PHWA do not see their correct decision to not include Minnesota Wild's defensive rookie phenom Jonas Brodin destroy the competition. This is nearly as ridiculous as the Vancouver Canucks Kevin Bieksa "calling out" Sharks Logan Couture and Joe Thornton for embellishing. Brodin at the very least deserved to be recognized, nobody here is claiming he should win (#brodinforcalder), but this snub just reminds me of an EA Sports NHL 14 cover contest. Their is nothing we can do about this Wilderness, but I have a couple thoughts for those of you who may be attending the game tonight (tell your friends). Bring a sign, something that reads along the lines of: Brodin > Saad / Brodin for President / Fuck Norm Green. Surely you could start a chant! Chants are always fun, right?

At any rate, we need to move on Wilderness, whats done is done and their is absolutely no sense dwelling on it. Tonight, just like every game night, is the most important game of the season. Going back to Chicago for game 5 with the series tied up at 2 puts a lot of pressure on the Hawks. The same people who aren't giving us a chance are the ones who vote for the individual awards as well, so we obviously cannot listen to them anymore.

On a lighter note, the Reynolds bump put my twitter followers (mostly spam accounts) to push up to 200 yesterday, I feel so loved!

Wild News

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I can't say the hit disparity will be as big for game 4, but if we stick to our game things should be ok.

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My thought, its tough to change the way you have played all season, which for the Wild was not very physical.

Tending The Fields

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Off The Trail

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Go ... eh, I don't even care. Go to 7 games, all overtime and beat each other good.

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To the Leafs fan who brought the "Toronto Stronger" sign, your an idiot, and HA HA!!

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As a Canucks fan, he should have known better.

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Enemy News

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As always be sure to check in with the folks over at The Committed Indian where nobody is hitting the panic button yet, but they should be. *wink wink nudge nudge, say no more*

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