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Noon Number for 4-8-2013: 4

A closer look at the Wild's current chances for advancement in the playoffs. (HINT: Not so good.)

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE


That's the number of times since the lockout that a team has come back from an 3-1 deficit.

You might think "That's not too bad, that's one every other year." And you're right, in that it's happened more than I actually thought it would.

But that's out of 55 series where there was a 3-1 deficit. 92.7 percent of the time, the team that takes a 3-1 lead wins the series.

And as if that weren't enough, the Wild are maybe on their third goalie, the top line isn't having any success, and the power play almost feels like the penalty kill at times.

So, yeah, it looks pretty bad right now in the State of Hockey.


As low as 7.3% is, it's still a tad less than a 1-in-13 chance at winning (even though Montreal over Washington in 2010 is the only time an 8 seed beat a 1 seed coming from a 3-1 deficit), which isn't something to completely ignore, either. There've also been series that have a team 3-1 down push it to 6 and 7 games. There's still a reason to watch. The Wild could get that magic, as they got twice in 2003.

But, as you're watching, know how unlikely that is. Especially against a team this good.