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Noon Number for 5-9-2013: 7-3

Hold on to some hope that history can repeat itself.

The two players left from the Wild's last elimination game.
The two players left from the Wild's last elimination game.
Hannah Foslien


That's the Minnesota Wild's franchise record in elimination games.

Now, what does that mean?

Not a whole lot. 6 of those wins came in the magical postseason of 2003, when the Wild rallied from two 3-1 deficits, like the ones they are in now. The only player on that team was Pierre-Marc Bouchard, and the only elimination game that he played in that postseason was the one where the Wild actually were eliminated in.

The other elimination game that was won by the Wild was in 2007, where the Wild beat the Ducks to claw back to make that series 3-1. Bouchard played that one, too, as well as Niklas Backstrom, and Mikko Koivu.

As for everything else? 22 roster spots, the coach, the GM, and the owner changed hands. No one on the Wild really has any tangible benefit from that staving off elimination experience the Wild got a distant 10 years ago.

But, hey, if you're looking for something to grasp for going into tonight, there's the hope that history will repeat itself. After all, it's happened before, right?