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Wilderness Walk: 6-1-2013


G'day, Wilderness! As I'm writing this, I am up at my cabin in Wisconsin's beautiful North Woods, but the Walk still must go on. I've had to deal with some wild, wet, and windy weather up here, so no matter what the weather is in your neck of the woods, strap on your hiking gear, and let's get walking.

Wild News

Wild hope to retain Niklas Backstrom, according to GM - Let's hope. During the regular season, he played some tremendous games.

2013 NHL Entry Draft: Minnesota Wild Eyeing First Round? - Gone Puck Wild - This would be nice. Even though we traded our first round pick (as well as Hackett and Larsson) to Buffalo, it could be possible for us to actually get a first round pick again.

2013 NHL Free Agency: Minnesota Wild Pursuing Finnish Goalie Antti Raanta? - Gone Puck Wild - This could be an impressive acquisition for us. In the SM-liiga regular season, he got an impressive 1.85 GAA and an equally impressive .943 save percentage. These numbers got even better in the playoffs, and there he got a 1.45 GAA and a .955 save percentage. Also, another Finn! There must be something about Finnish goaltenders that make them so good.

Off the Trail

Disappointed Wings believe they exceeded expectations - - With as impressive of a performance that the Wings had in this year's playoffs (despite being bounced by the Hawks), you'd better believe that they felt disappointed to be out in only 2 rounds.

Analysts break down Blackhawks-Kings series - - This should be a very interesting series, as both of these teams played some great games in these last few series. For those wondering, I will be cheering for the Kings in this series. Cheer for who you want though.

NHL Playoffs: 5 Best Blackhawks in Chicago's Series Win over Detroit Red Wings | Bleacher Report - Here's what helped the Hawks bounce the Red Wings out of the playoffs.

NHL Third Round Playoffs Predictions Post | CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOG - Here are some predictions for this third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, thanks to some fans of a team that never succeeds in he playoffs, the Canucks.

Canes, NC State in potentially costly dispute over use of PNC Arena | - Uh oh.