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Wilderness Walk 6-10-2013: Where is the Sun? Edition

I feel like the last few weeks are what life must be like around Seattle, WA. Can we have the sun back please? I'd like to see it more often than 2 hours a week, but that's just me.

One of the finest tradition in all of sports.
One of the finest tradition in all of sports.
Gregory Shamus

Good morning Wilderness! How about that little bit of sun we got last night! Not much going on until Wednesday, so here are your daily dose of 'feel good we're in the playoffs' or 'at least we weren't fired on Skype" news you can use.

Wild News

WildNHL - The State Of Hockey Due To Host Winter Classic
Can't say I disagree, lets play some outdoor hockey!

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: #NHLDraft2013: Our Friendly Neighbors...Wisconsin and North Dakota
A look see at what our friendly neighbors having coming up the pipes in the world of hockey.

Off the Trail

Getting back to the Stanley Cup Final an ‘unbelievable’ feeling for Marchand, Bruins | ProHockeyTalk
Of course it is...

Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins offer something for everyone in Stanley Cup finals |
A lot of history here, I would expect some great hockey.

Could mandatory visors spell an end to fighting in hockey? | ProHockeyTalk
You know what would spell an end it fighting in hockey? Actually making it a penalty might get fighting to stop.

Iginla ‘open’ to re-signing with Penguins | ProHockeyTalk
Maybe he comes to Minnesota? Going out on a limb here with a no, but it would be fun to think about.

Bylsma says ‘Fleury is our No. 1 goalie’ | ProHockeyTalk
During the regular season, yea. Once they start the playoffs they sort of flip a coin and just run with it. Of course, this thought immediately becomes void if....

Report: Mario Lemieux may want Bylsma out | ProHockeyTalk
Can you compliance buyout a coach?

Ex-Oilers coach Krueger was fired via Skype | ProHockeyTalk
Speaking of getting rid of a coach, they do things a little different in Edmonton, ouch ....

Dallas Eakins next coach of the Edmonton Oilers; good move or bad decision? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Coincidentally, Eakins was in on the Skype to Krueger.

McKenzie: Flyers may be really busy this summer | ProHockeyTalk
Bryzgalov buyout? Trade Couturier? What is going on in Philly? Before it start Wilderness, NO! Your evil thought of Bryz can just stop now.