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Wilderness Walk 6-17-2013: Cup of Coffee Edition.

Good morning Wilderness, hope this Monday morning finds you well and fully alert! Ready to face a difficult week ahead after a beautiful Sunday. Just absolute perfect weather in the Twin Cities if you ask me.


I certainly hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy Fathers Day as well. Sunday was a day off from NHL Playoffs, not much news out of the Bruins or Blackhawks camps. A lot of buzz coming out Glendale and Seattle of late with the future of the Coyotes as a franchise in Arizona hangs in the balance. Terrible feeling if you're some of those unfortunate fans occupying Limbo, Arizona. The experiment could be over before the 4th of July for Coyotes.

Wild News

Forgotten anniversaries: A hockey high with the 1982-83 North Stars |
Come with me, on a journey in the way-back machine.

First Round Bust: Ryan Suter Now On Twitter @rsuter20
This is breaking news in the Minnesota Wild off-season.

Off the Trail

Hawks ready for another demanding Game 3 - Chicago Blackhawks Blog - ESPN Chicago
Wrah-Wrow Chicago!

Chicago’s power play is problematic | ProHockeyTalk
No, really?

Writer: NHL playoffs are ‘annoying’ | ProHockeyTalk
Its called professional sports. It is like this in every league on the planet. This goes doubly so for Vancouver.

Seattle Mayor McGinn: ‘We believe we can support the NHL in Key Arena’ | ProHockeyTalk
Seattle seems to be pushing hard for the Coyotes.

Phoenix Coyotes moving to Seattle? Roenick reportedly part of Plan B for NHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Sens to give Alfredsson all time he needs to decide on retirement | ProHockeyTalk
Just because he single-handedly won me a fantasy hockey season years ago. Give the guy some time, he is getting up there at 40.

Reports: Kings have interest in signing former prospect Holloway | ProHockeyTalk
L.A. drafted him in 2006.

Play Doc Emrick bingo, thanks to the NBC announcer’s amazing list of synonyms for ‘pass’ | Puck Daddy
This would be the fastest game of Bingo ever.