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Noon Number for 06-17-2013: 2

A look at Nick Leddy's postseason.

Would the Wild be much better off if Nick Leddy wore the Iron Range shade of red?
Would the Wild be much better off if Nick Leddy wore the Iron Range shade of red?

2 is the number of points that Nick Leddy has this postseason.

Nick Leddy has been the bane of Chuck Fletcher's (and our!) existence, still popping up in the HW comments as a black mark on his record. A trade of him and Kim Johnsson to Chicago netted defenseman-in-name-only Cam Barker, who proceeded to be absolutely terrible for the Wild. It was a dumpster-fire of a trade for the then-rookie Fletcher.

Since then, the combination of 3 factors: 1) He developed into a good depth defenseman for a good team in Chicago, 2) The Wild could use defensive depth, and really could have used it since even before that trade occurred, and 3) He's from Minnesota, has kept him in the mind of many Wild fans.

And as annoying as it is, that should actually probably be the case. Nick Leddy has developed into a player who would, at the very least, be the 4th best defenseman on the team, and probably ahead of Spurgeon. He doesn't bring any physicality, which would be welcome for this blue line, but having another puck mover wouldn't hurt this team one bit.

But would Nick Leddy really have changed the Wild's fortunes that much? His postseason stats don't suggest so.

He has a mere two assists on the Blackhawks while playing every day. He's 6th in TOI among Chicago blueliners (15:54), which ranks last among their regular defensemen. He's also last on the team in +/- with a -6. Looking at his possession numbers, it appears that his good possession numbers are inflated by sheltered minutes, as he suffers when Quality of Competition is factored into them.

So, if you want to cry about Nick Leddy, that's fine. Again, he's a good player. If the Wild signed a defenseman of his caliber and skill-set at the salary he's at, we'd all be ecstatic.

But don't act like he's a savior, because that doesn't appear to be the case.