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Wilderness Walk 6/23/2013: Getting Close Edition

The Chicago Blackhawks pull within 1 game of hoisting the Stanley Cup with their Saturday night 3-1 victory over the Boston Bruins. Hockey is almost over folks, sad face....

Ladies and gentlemen, Patrick Kane!
Ladies and gentlemen, Patrick Kane!

Good morning Wilderness, to those of you still without power I hope you are not using up the last of cell phone battery just to read these words. Bravo to you for the commitment though!

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Boston Bruins mainly by the hands of one Patrick Kane who scored 2 goals including the game winner and very nearly had a hat trick without the assistance of the empty net cheater version of the accolade sometimes given out.

The Bruins will find themselves in a difficult but familiar place Monday for game 6 back in Boston, just 60 minutes from a terrible end to the season. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone: Hawks in 6.

In non-hockey news, your Minnesota United FC was in North Carolina last night. With the help of 2 late goals from the Carolina Rail Hawks, MUFC was defeated 3-2. Next up for the club, they travel to Edmonton for a match on June 20th against FCE.

Wild News

The Team of 18,001: Stay Away From Bernier
Could not agree more. Something stinks in this deal, let him become someone else's problem.

The Fourth Period :: Minnesota Wild :: Fletcher's biggest summer yet
Last summer was pretty huge, don't expect those kind of fireworks again folks.

Leafs have best offer for Bernier? Kings could use LWer ... No Byzgalov buyout at this time | My NHL Trade
Good, the Leafs can take him. I am not a fan of what apparently has been mentioned in regards to the Wild and this trade and would not support it. - Mike Augello - Bernier Banter
More on Bernier, news I wish would just go away.

NHL News and Rumors — Minnesota Wild looking at Marc-Andre Fleury
Uhg, more goalie speculation. It makes me wonder how the talks are going with Backstrom. Only Backstrom, Fletcher and the NSA know for sure what is going on there.

Off the Trail

With Kane leading way in 3-1 victory, Chicago's top line has Boston on brink in Stanley Cup |
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are not exactly imposing, their playoff beards about the only thing keeping them from being mistaken for somebody's little brothers

Patrick Kane’s two goals power 3-1 victory, puts Blackhawks win away from Stanley Cup | Puck Daddy
The folks at Puck Daddy offer up their thoughts on last nights game.

Patrice Bergeron heads to Chicago hospital | ProHockeyTalk
Hope all is well in camp Bergeron. The Bruins really need his presence on the ice.

Column: Down 3-2, Bruins are short on scorers and running out of options |
You can never count a team out until the final buzzer sounds.

Photo: Theo Fleury reveals flooding inside Saddledome | ProHockeyTalk
Scary damage in Calgary.

Flames say they will be ready for next season | ProHockeyTalk
Despite "millions of gallons of water sitting" in the Saddledome.

No buyouts planned for Anaheim | ProHockeyTalk
This isn't a huge surprise.

On the Pitch

Minnesota United FC
Minnesota United FC took on the Carolina Rail Hawks last night. Which you already knew because you watched it streaming on their website, right?

Minnesota scene: Late goals rally Carolina to victory over United FC |
Brian Shriver scored two goals in the final four minutes, rallying the Carolina RailHawks to a 3-2 victory over the Minnesota United FC in an NASL match on Saturday night.