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Hockey Wilderness & First Round Bust Present: 2013 NHL Draft Party

Come out to Tom Reid's and watch the draft with some of your favorite bloggers!

I don't think we party this hard. Sorry.
I don't think we party this hard. Sorry.
Pool Photo

With the draft only days away, it's time to finalize the draft plans. Hockey Wilderness and First Round Bust are excited to announce that we will be "co-hosting" a draft party at Tom Reid's. By that we mean that some of us will be venturing out of our mom's basement and convening at Tom Reid's to cover the draft. Come by and say hi, jointly partake in the drinking and eat of good things, and watch the magic that is Brent Flahr unfold.

What: HW/FRB Draft party

Who: Everyone!

Where: Tom Reid's, 258 W 7th Street Saint Paul, MN

When: Draft starts at 2pm CST, so around then