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My First Year of being a Wild Fan

Who knew my first TV appearance would be me painted in green and red?!


So many memories have been made during this first Wild season of mine, so how about I share some of them with you.

After I discovered my new-found interest in hockey, in particular the Minnesota Wild, I stumbled upon this here Wild community, Hockey Wilderness. I then saw that they were taking in new people for writing their daily links post called the Wilderness Walk. I decided to pounce on the opportunity, as I knew this was something I would enjoy doing (and I have been).

The first Wild game I ever went to was back on February 7th against the Vancouver Canucks. As soon as me and my friends got there and found our seats, I was just in awe about the Xcel Energy Center's beautiful atmosphere. From the player introductions, to the horn that sounds after the Wild score a goal, and the singing of the Wild anthem, you get an entirely different experience watching Wild hockey at an arena than just watching it on TV. The 'Nucks schooled us that game 4-1, but it was awesome getting out and experiencing a NHL hockey game for the first time.

Since I had such a great experience at the first game I went to, I knew I had to come back for more.

I then went to my 2nd game a month and 3 days later, on March 10th. This game was also against the Canucks, and it was our last ever divisional home game against them. Me and my friends were lucky enough to be down pretty close to the front row. Those were probably the best seats I've ever had at any sporting event, as you get a much different perspective being closer to the action.

This game was much more action-packed, as the Wild scored just 24 seconds into the game courtesy of Zach Parise. There were plenty more goals to come after that.

There were also 2 fights that broke out during the course of that game: one against Cal Clutterbuck and Alex Burrows, and the other against Mike Rupp and Tom Sestito. Both of these fights were very exciting, as both Clutterbuck and Rupp just duked it out for awhile like it was nobody's business. The Wild were able to come out victorious this time with a 4-2 win over the 'Nucks.

Perhaps my most exciting moment of my first season following the Wild was their playoff win at home against the Blackhawks. I will never forget how pumped up I felt after that win. I was so excited about this win that I had some of my friends draw the Wild logo (as well as a bunch of other Wild things) on me, and I then ventured out on a run all the way to the X from St. Thomas, which is a long 4.7 mile run one way.

Without even expecting it, when I got into downtown and 7th Street near the Xcel Energy Center, one of the local news reporters from Fox 9 couldn't help but notice all the Wild stuff that was drawn on me. As soon as I knew it, I was on TV, as I got interviewed about all the Wild things that were drawn all over me. I couldn't have been any happier that day.

And with that, my first season of following the Wild has come to a close.

What are some of your favorite Wild memories, Wilderness?