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Wilderness Walk 6-3-2013: Monday Morning Edition

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks routed the Los Angeles Kings by a 4-2 margin and have taken a dominant 2-0 lead in the best of seven series.

Things get a little feisty in front of Corey Crawford's crease.
Things get a little feisty in front of Corey Crawford's crease.

Good morning Wilderness! I certainly hope you all had a very productive and/or restful weekend filled with a few games from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Last night the Chicago Blackhawks dominated the scoreboard, beating the Los Angeles Kings by a score of 4-2 and one of those was even a fluky gift of a bouncer I don't think a brick wall could have stopped without getting extremely lucky. We had some fireworks on the ice last night although nobody officially dropped the gloves. We even had the makings of a goalie fight which in the end just wasn't meant to be. Something I did learn last night, the only fighting majors we have seen in these playoffs, have occurred in the East. I have a feeling if game 3 goes similar for the Kings as game 2 did, they may try to put an end to that streak before this series is done.

Wild News

WildNHL - Top 5 Free Agents The Wild Should Consider
Anyone you might add to this list Wilderness?

Off The Trail

Blackhawks chase Quick in 2nd period, top Kings 4-2 to take 2-0 lead in West finals |
How it all went down last night in the windy city.

Video: Toews, Crawford get involved in rough stuff | ProHockeyTalk
In one of the finer moments in sticking up for your captain, Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford isn't going to sit idle while the Kings try to take a few liberties with Jonathan Toews.

Clash of captains: Toews unhappy with Brown’s rough stuff | ProHockeyTalk
Dustin Brown and elbows, its like peanut butter and jelly. That reminds me, grilled PB&J is delicious! Just like grilled cheese but with peanut butter and jelly instead of cheese. If you have kids, make it for their lunch sometime, if not, make a couple for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

Bruins expecting Penguins to bounce back after Boston romp in series opener |
I don't know about that, I have a feeling the Penguins will just roll over again...

Lightning interested in Bowness as assistant coach | ProHockeyTalk
Wes Walz's old job is up for grabs.

Brian Burke wants to see NHL use larger ice surface | ProHockeyTalk
Not quite an Olympic sized rink, but pushing the ice surface wider could help make the game safer.

Matt Cooke explains his hit on McQuaid | ProHockeyTalk
Not much of an explanation if you ask me. I'm sure Boston fans care not at all, as shades of Marc Savard creep into their heads.

Report: Tim Thomas may attempt comeback next season | ProHockeyTalk
Don't much care what the guy does. He abandon his team which would have to make his next team wonder about his commitment to them. Though I am a bit curious to see what a 39-year-old goalie would look like after taking a year off. At any rate, the Islander own his rights at the moment, he'll be a free agent this summer although the Islanders seem to have an option to keep him since he did not report last year.

Ohlund’s injury status has Tampa Bay in a bind | ProHockeyTalk
I do feel bad for Tampa here. They are stuck in a bad situation. Mattias Ohlund however is an asshole, so if he never sees the NHL ice again it would be no skin off my back, or Mikko Koivu's I'd assume.

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As the search for the next New York Rangers bench boss continues, we take a peak into the vetting process.

Canes miss deadline to sign Gregory Hoffmann | ProHockeyTalk
The Swiss-born prospect will re-enter the 2013 NHL Draft.